During my journey providing counselling for more than 18 years, I have based my work  on my core values of empathy, hope, diversity, and trust. Through all these years, I have gained new knowledge that have shaped my professional model of therapy. My practice is based on an integrative model. Through my professional journey,  I have met wonderful people that have enriched me as an person and professional, and  to whom  I am grateful for their support; without them this journey would not be possible. I share hope, experience and  passion. I fulfill this by creating flexible environments to reflection, learning, creativity, diversity, and inclusion. My personal traits and values drive me to connect with a meaningful work. My desire to study psychology started in grade 10 of, participating in my classes of literature club and philosophy classes.  Then, my curiosity to understand the human nature directed me to complete my bachelor in Psychology while participating as an active leader of my community in different social projects .

I immigrated to Canada in 2006. I pursued my master in Counselling.  Today, I am looking forward to continue in my profession and advocate for the community from a non traditional role as a therapist and mental health consultant for organizations and for the community. Self awareness, social justice, identification of biases are some of the areas that I  constantly evaluate on my work with clients.


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