Helping individuals to overcome barriers in mental health within the values of diversity and inclusion.

Creating pathways to promote mental health, well being and healthy lifestyles in the community.

adults counselling


Counselling and coaching services with a integrative model for individuals and couples that face challenges in mental health issues:

  • Family and couples therapy
  • Learning disabilities
  • Depression and anxiety disorders
  • Trauma
  • Grief: health conditions and loss
  • Stress and burnout management
  • Domestic violence and abuse

Children and Families

  • Providing counselling
  • Cognitive and educational assessments.
  • Psycho educational sessions for cross cultural parenting
  • Discipline, and negotiation with teens,
  • Dealing with separation and blended families
  • Differences in family dynamics.

Businesses and Community organizations

  • Consulting services for not-for-profits and immigrant serving agencies regarding mental health and cultural impact in immigrants
  • Programs for diversity and integration processes for small to medium businesses to improve cultural organization settings in a diverse workplace.
  • Promoting mental health awareness through programs and services offered by professional associations to their members.

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